About Marin School Rocks

The Marin School Rocks website aims to be a kid-oriented place to celebrate great things about Marin School, in the hope of furthering these goals:

  • To capture some of the artifacts, events, memorable experiences, and other interesting aspects of life at Marin Elementary School.
  • To provide a common place for sharing these special things about Marin School among students, families, and the rest of the world.
  • To acknowledge and encourage the creative efforts of the kids who attend Marin School.
  • Ultimately, to help keep Marin School a great place for kids to grow and learn.
History of this site:

During the 2007 Chalk It Up event, the creator of this site (Steve Trutane) thought it would be nice to have a way to capture all the great works created in this rather transient art form. Inspired by a few chalk drawing messages that read, "Marin School Rocks", and always eager to exercise his web development skills, he got out the digital camera, registered the domain name, and this site was born.

Note that this is an unofficial "fan" site. It's creator is unaffiliated with the Albany school system, other than being a parent of kids who attend Albany public schools.

As it currently stands, this is a pretty basic website and can use some spiffing up. Interested parties willing to contribute time and/or ideas about this site are encouraged to do so. Shoot me an email!